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With over a decade in the Hollywood trenches, Carrie Williams is the go-to coach for creative professionals and artists. Delivering engaging topics and dynamic presentations, Carrie has helped thousands of clients realize artistic and business fulfillment. Her flagship program, “G.R.E.A.T Goals,” teaches audiences how to set life-changing goals and lay out the path to profound achievement.

Just finished Carrie's class and it was GREAT! She has an ability to spot each person's strengths and weaknesses and give specific advice on how to get better. She's all about constructive honesty. Thank you Carrie! - Carol H.

Empowering and inspiring, audiences resonate with the strong messages and no-nonsense approach to Carrie’s presentations and workshops.  Available for large groups or smaller classes, Carrie stages meaningful content that is sure to strike a nerve with her audience.

Speaking Topics & Presentations

Eyes on the Prize: Rewiring Your Brain for Goal Achievement

Learn the G.R.E.A.T. Goals framework introduced in the Amazon best-selling book Eyes on the Prize: A Kick-Ass Guide to Setting and Achieving G.R.E.A.T. Goals, and unveil tried and true daily practices that actually have the power to rewire your mind to work systematically toward your goals.

From Ho-Hum to Happy Shifting your attitude to increase joy

Explore how mindset and positivity impact your "happiness level.” Learn practical tips and strategies to shift your outlook and attitude and increase your joy.

Increase Client Connection Enhancing Communication & Creating Empathy with Client

Learn to build your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) muscles and transform your client and colleague interactions.  Great client relationships lead to loyalty, referrals and repeat business.

Leading the Pack Take Your Business to the Next Level by Flexing Your EQ

Learn the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, its’ importance in the workplace and the five core skills you can leverage to become an inspiring and successful business leader.

Master Your Stress

Understand the science behind stress and how your perspective and choices impact your stress level. Learn practical techniques to take control of your stress and tips to reduce, prevent and cope with stress, including shifting mindset, increasing discipline, and raising your positivity ratio.

The Mindset of Success Moving Beyond Mediocrity to Excellence

Shift your mindset. Your perspective and attitude inform your actions and your life approach – and your mindset makes the difference in your ability to move beyond mediocre results to create the ultimate success you are striving for.

Take Action

Learn the industry-insider secrets used by professional actors to climb to the top of the credits and stay there.


What People Are Saying About Carrie

Carrie is a thoughtful and dynamic coach. During our sessions, she consistently hears the underlying meaning of my needs and provided creative ways to re-interpret the information that I was surrounded with but found difficult to make sense of on my own. - Drew S.

Working with Carrie helped me achieve a goal I'd been working on for over 15 years in less than 6 months. I will certainly work with Carrie again and highly recommend her." - Sandi C.

Carrie Williams from RainShadow Coaching is absolutely brilliant. I took her Take Action! workshop recently and walked away feeling motivated and newly inspired about the direction of my career. She answered all my questions and provided me with several new tools and ideas to not only help me reach my goals, but to expedite the process. She is incredibly helpful, and it's obvious that she genuinely cares. Thanks so much for all your guidance, Carrie! - Tarah N.

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