Left Brain + Right Brain = Your Success

You may have heard that creative people are “right-brained” and logical people are “left-brained.” But what does this mean? The implied message is that you only think out of one side of your brain!

In the 1950’s and 60’s, researchers taught us that the two hemispheres of our brains have very different functions. The left hemisphere of the brain is verbal and analytic, while the right hemisphere is more creative and specialized for visual imagery and musical ability. This means you use your left brain to write a letter, but your right brain to sketch a picture.

Having a dominant trait, like creativity or mathematical skills has led to generalizations like, “He is left brained. She’s a right-brain.” These generalizations are actually incorrect. With more recent technology and in-depth studies, scientists have found no evidence that people preferentially use their one side of their brain over the other.

You use both sides of your brain every day. If you can drive a car while singing along to the radio, both hemispheres of your brain are working just fine! Creative and analytical thinking are not separate entities, never co-mingling in our brains. It is actually the connections among all brain regions that enable humans to engage in both types of thinking.

So how can you drive personal success by utilizing both sides of your brain? You can meld them to increase your ability to create something new AND plan your projects through to completion.   

Often times, we are so busy being creative, we don’t take the necessary and logical steps to see our creations through to completion. When one creative idea reaches a roadblock, we just move onto the next idea that has occurred to us. Whether you believe that you do not have the capacity to plan or control your creativity, the result is the same: Nothing gets done!

Successful creative professionals are those people that are able to balance the creative and the business worlds.  They learn to utilize and grow both sides of the brain.  Working with a coach will help you to visualize your goals and projects all the way through to completion. Coaches help keep you on track and see the next logical step. Are ready to utilize your whole brain for success? Click here to contact Carrie.