RainShadow coaching is dedicated to helping creative professionals and companies forge their own living masterpiece, by focusing on the three tiers of fulfillment: professional success, personal growth, and overall well-being.

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Master Your Stress! Online Challenge

June 15 - July 12, 2020

Join executive and leadership coach, Amazon best-selling author, and keynote speaker, Carrie Williams owner of Los Angeles based RainShadow Coaching, for a unique 4-week challenge that provides participants with proven strategies and tools for overcoming stress at work and at home!

In our last session participants that engaged for the full 28 days experienced between a 25% and 150% reduction in their stress levels!!!

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Overall Well-Being

Life is good. We sometimes forget to remember that in our frantic day-to-day lives.

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Personal Growth

Personal growth is a lifelong process that allows you to realize and maximize your potential.

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Professional Success

In the American culture what we do is a large part of who we are.

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